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Holmes HAWF3095-U 9" Twin Window Exhaust Fan

Description: The Holmes HAWF3095-U keeps you cool and comfortable with its powerful 9" twin blades. Additionally, this window fan easily removes odors from your home for a constant supply of fresh air. Accutemp Plus The HAWF3095-U features an Accutemp Plus digital thermostat to optimize comfort throughout the day. Programmable Timer You can adjust the timer to turn on and off in one-hour increments with the touch of a button! Electrically Reversible Blades You can easily adjust whether each blade of the powerful window fan intakes or exhausts air by simply sliding a switch. Twin Blade Operation With a set of twin 9" blades, the Holmes HAWF3095-U twin window fan is able to move more air quickly.

Benefits: Reversible blades are electronically controlled, so you don't have to physically turn the unit around!

Can be programmed to turn on and off in one-hour increments

Adjustable extender screens keep the unit on the window

Great for removing odors and stale air

Twin blades move more air for efficient cooling

Air direction is individually controlled for each fan blade

Specifications: Model: Holmes HAWF3095-U Product Type: Twin window fan Product Dimensions: 25" (L) x 13" (H) x 5.5" (W) Product Color: White Product Weight: 9 pounds Applications: Small to medium sized rooms with a window Reversible Air Control: Yes, electrical Programmable Timer: Up to 16 hours Speed Settings: 3 Thermostat: Digital Accutemp Plus Air Control Switches: 2 Includes: Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel Warranty: 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty Offers an air control switch for each fan LED digital thermostat display is easy to read Programmable timer saves you time and effort Unit is designed to fit most slider and double hung windows Comes with three automatic thermostat settings Sliding switches help you control air direction

List Price: $59.99Our Price: $45.99
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