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HBB504 QMark Hydronic Baseboard Heater
Very Low Operating Temperature

Sit back and relax in the warmth of the Qmark HBB504. This worry free baseboard heater is perfect for households with kids and pets. A sheathed electric heating element is totally immersed in a heat-transfer liquid and sealed in a heater-length copper tube. The large diameter reservoir maximizes the volume of heat storage fluid to prolong the thermal constant of the entire heater. Gentle heat keeps radiating even after the thermostat turns off because of the hydronic elements retention qualities. The entire unit mounts flush to any wall and flat on any floor - wood, carpet or tile. The trim, three-inch thick functional design and low operating temperatures allow carpeting to be installed up to and around the baseboard. Heavy-duty welded steel louvered grilles discourage insertion of foreign objects and direct heat outward into the room. Built-in cut-off automatically shuts down the heater should any overheating occur.

David Bond - Temple, NH
"The hydronic design seems efficient. After the thermostat shuts off the heater, it continues to throw heat for several more minutes. Sensible design. I am considering retrofitting my entire house with this type of system."


  • It has a grille on the front to help keep objects out of the heater.
  • It runs cooler then a standard baseboard due to a larger heating element cross-sectional area.
  • Safe for children

  • Specifications:

  • Volts - 240/208

  • Watts- 500/375

  • Amps - 2.1/1.8

  • Length - 28 inches

  • Combined Boiler and Reservoir

  • Automatic Temperatures Shutoff

  • Individual Room Control

  • Maximum Heat Retention

  • Large Wiring Compartment

  • Navajo White Enamel Finish.

  • U.L. listed

  • Low unit surface temperatures, natural convection, and large heating fin areas deliver a steady, uniform comfort level in room.

  • Contemporary styling and Navajo white blends with any decor. Mounts flush to wall and flat on wood, tile or carpeted floor.

  • Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    List Price: $182.95Our Price: $155.72
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