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Adobe Air MMB12 MasterCool Portable Evaporative Cooler

Description: Evaporative cooling removes heat from the air by evaporating water. Hot air from outside is pulled through water soaked pads inside the unit, cooled by evaporation and released from the cooler. This simple process makes evaporative cooling a quick, easy and affordable spot cooling solution. The Adobe Air MMB12 MasterCool Portable Evaporative Cooler uses the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporative. Here are the amazing features included with the MMB12:

Adds Humidity: To work most efficiently, the Adobe Air MMB12 needs hot, dry air to draw in from an open door or window. It adds moisture to the air, so it works best in arid climates.

Completely Portable: Included with this portable cooler are heavy duty rolling casters for increased maneuverability. Cooling can be provided wherever it is needed.

Powerful Cooling: The MMB12 MasterCool is able to cool areas as large as 1000 square feet. It uses a 2-speed, 1/3 hp motor and 3,000 cfms of cooling.

Green Cooling: Evaporative coolers cool the air without the use of refrigerant or a compressor. This makes them environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Benefits: Direct cool air to any place it is needed

For a continuous flow of water, the MMB12 can be connected to a garden hose

Environmentally friendly because it uses water to cool instead of refrigerant

Is more cost effective than an air conditioning system

For increased maneuverability, heavy duty casters are included

For directable, concentrated air flow, adjustable louvers are featured

Specifications: Model: Adobe Air MasterCool MMB12 Product Type: Portable evaporative cooler Product Dimensions Without Casters: 26.5" x 25" x 33" Product Dimensions With Casters: 26.5'' x 25'' x 38.7'' Product Weight: 95 pounds Product Color: Beige Product Construction: Heavy duty steel Blower: 12'' x 12'' Cooling Pad Media: High efficiency cellulose paper media Cooling Pad Life: 2 years Motor: 1/3 HP, 2-speed Power Supply: 120 Frequency: 60 Hz. Current: 5.5 amps Watts: 660 CFM: 3,000 Direct drive Water Tank Capacity: 7.2 gallons Coverage Area: Up to 1000 square feet Maneuverability: Built-in casters Certification: UL-listed Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty Wherever you need it, this portable cooler can provide cool air When a garden hose is connected the water will continuously flow into the unit Cools you down using water which is good for the environment To run, significantly less energy is used than an air conditioner Heavy duty casters allow you to roll it wherever cooling is needed Adjustable louvers provide a concentrated air flow

List Price: $584.99Our Price: $449.99
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